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for the collection of baseline, treatment and outcome data of representative samples of malignant melanoma patients of major European countries.
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EUMelaReg collects real-world data on melanoma patients throughout Europe and integrates them in a data warehouse.

Bulgaria's first international project as full member of EUMelaReg

The Bulgarian Association of Dermato Oncology (BADO) invited Professor Michael Weichenthal to participate in its second National Congress of Dermato Oncology with international participation. During the event, he presented Bulgaria's contribution to the EMR-SEQ project (Registry based outcome analysis on 1.000 patients with BRAF V600 mutated metastatic melanoma in Europe treated with either immune checkpoint or BRAF-/MEK inhibition), which was presented at ASCO 2022. This was the first international project in which Bulgaria participated as a full member of the European Melanoma Registry.

“Prof. Weichenthal’s participation in the Sofia congress was an exceptional honor for us and an opportunity to share experience on global benefits and outcomes in malignant melanoma and rare skin cancers treatment. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and expertise for specific cases and population groups, which will also enrich the information in this field with Bulgaria data. We are grateful for the high appraisal of the quality of diagnostics and treatment, accuracy and authenticity of our data in the MelaReg system, which was a true professional satisfaction,” – shared Dr Iva Gavrilova – BGMelaReg main coordinator.