Optimising malignant melanoma management in Europe
EUMelaReg collects health information to improve care and treatment for patients with skin cancer
Sustaining and fostering collaboration between academia and industry
for the collection of baseline, treatment and outcome data of representative samples of malignant melanoma patients of major European countries.
Building the largest and quickest melanoma registry in the world
EUMelaReg collects real-world data on melanoma patients throughout Europe and integrates them in a data warehouse.

COMING NEXT: New non-interventional study: DECIDE II

A new non-interventional observational study called “Decision for or against anti-PD1 Treatment In Adjuvant Setting of Patients across Europe with Resected Stage IIB/IIC Melanoma (DECIDE II)" in collaboration with Merck, Sharpe and Dohme will start soon. This study investigates the factors influencing the decision for or against an anti-PD1 adjuvant therapy at the patient and physician level, the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of included patients and the proportion of patients undergoing adjuvant anti-PD1 immunotherapy in resected stage IIB/IIC melanoma patients across various European countries. The primary objectives are to describe the determinants for or against recommendations of treating physicians and/or interdisciplinary tumour boards, the motivations for patients' rejection of recommended/offered adjuvant treatmentand the treatment rates of adjuvant anti-PD1 therapy in these patients. Would you like to participate in this multinational study? Please contact us at office@eumelareg.org.