Optimising malignant melanoma management in Europe
EUMelaReg collects health information to improve care and treatment for patients with skin cancer
Sustaining and fostering collaboration between academia and industry
for the collection of baseline, treatment and outcome data of representative samples of malignant melanoma patients of major European countries.
Building the largest and quickest melanoma registry in the world
EUMelaReg collects real-world data on melanoma patients throughout Europe and integrates them in a data warehouse.

Congratulation to CSEEMEG for documentation of more than 2,000 patients

We would like to take this opportunity and congratulate the Central South Eastern Europe Melanoma Expert Group (CSEEMEG), namely Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia and Montenegro for their great contribution and continuous work within the EUMelaReg Consortium.

Thanks to the constant commitment of all those involved, patient number 2,000 could be documented in the CSEEREG on 30.09.2021. Data from more than 2,200 melanoma patients had been registered by today.

A special thanks to Lidija Kandolf Sekulovic for her tireless dedication and reliable support.