Optimising malignant melanoma management in Europe
EUMelaReg collects health information to improve care and treatment for patients with skin cancer
Sustaining and fostering collaboration between academia and industry
for the collection of baseline, treatment and outcome data of representative samples of malignant melanoma patients of major European countries.
Building the largest and quickest melanoma registry in the world
EUMelaReg collects real-world data on melanoma patients throughout Europe and integrates them in a data warehouse.

SDAC / IDC Retreat 2021

After the successful SDAC / IDC retreat this year, the next retreat of the two committees will take place in early 2021. To ensure a constant increase in data quality, the data quality standards must also be revised on a regular basis. The aim is to establish data quality standards, which will then be anchored in the corresponding country registries in case they are not implemented already.